Memorandum of Understanding

Vital to a united effort of this magnitude is an agreement of intent focusing on mutual goals and responsibilities. As proof of our desire to give the Upper Ohio Valley our BEST, the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council, Inc. and the Upper Ohio Valley Building and Construction Trades Council have entered into a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING.

We pledge a  BEST approach on all construction projects with the agreement to carry out all responsibilities for safetyefficiencyproductivity and professional quality. We will continue to make the Upper Ohio Valley an outstanding market for construction services of highest quality, economy and dependability.

Substantial amounts of capital are already in place. The Upper Ohio Valley serves as the corporate headquarters of several large corporations. This creates the need for additional businesses providing support services and offers new opportunity to investors and entrepreneurs while creating jobs.

Major energy sources are in close proximity. A key ingredient for many industrial concerns is accessible sources of energy which the Upper Ohio Valley has in abundance.

Excellent interstate highway systems and rail facilities connect the Valley to other metropolitan areas. Geographically, the Upper Ohio Valley is located in the hub of several metropolitan areas and industrial areas, making it the ideal location for distribution centers and other service-related industries.

The area boasts a readily available, professionally trained, highly skilled work force. A strong “can-do” attitude is instilled in the Valley’s work force. Emphasis on pride and quality of work is evident throughout the area. Continuing education, productivity, cooperation, and quality craftsmanship are encouraged.

Raw materials needed for industrial expansion are readily available. The Upper Ohio Valley enjoys numerous modes of transportation facilitating the shipment and delivery of supplies and materials.

Numerous institutions of higher education surround the area. Education is the cornerstone of economic development. Project BEST is proud of the area’s many fine institutions of higher learning and supports those institutions through its BEST Scholarship Program.

Combined efforts between local and state governments, area chambers of commerce and other business and professional organizations to build and strengthen our economic base in the Upper Ohio Valley is proving to be highly successful. Numerous leadership groups like Project BEST are dedicated to making the Valley an area of growth and opportunity. These groups believe in the Upper Ohio Valley and are committed to opening new avenues of expansion and creating a positive climate for professional and personal success.

Members of the BEST  team play a vital role in making the Upper Ohio Valley the BEST place to live and enjoy life, the BEST place to relocate and build, and above all, the BEST place to work.

Join us in our commitment to build the Ohio Valley. A positive labor relations image is vital to enticing new business into the area. We encourage and invite all groups: LaborManagementBusiness and Education – at all levels – to join with us in this effort. Let’s find those areas of common interest and put our BEST  foot forward. Call Project BEST at Wheeling, WV (304) 214-9800 or Steubenville, OH / Weirton, WV (740) 282-3616.