Commitment to our Community

At Project BEST, giving back to our community is more than just a catch phrase. We work and live here too. And through various activities, we continue to make a difference in the lives and well-being of those who need our help the most.

Project BEST provides the tri-state’s construction industry with important information that enables best practices in construction across Ohio. Further, Project BEST seeks to educate the public on the imperative nature of the construction industry policies that it endorses. Project BEST also conducts multiple information gathering and sharing functions to ensure the most accurate information is disseminated.

Project BEST performs the following functions to ensure the Ohio Valley is best served in public works projects as well as private construction:

  • Research construction projects, laws, and standards 
  • Marketing best practices to construction professionals and end-users
  • Public Relations to ensure the correct information is disseminated
  • Community Outreach for all communities with construction needs around the state
  • Political Advocacy to properly inform legislators about relative issues

In addition, Project BEST works to improve and advance the tri-state’s construction industry by positively affecting its key issues:

  • Collective Bargaining
  • Responsible Contracting
  • Workforce Training / Apprenticeship
  • Industry Regulations and Standards
  • Labor / Management Cooperation

Memorandum of Understanding
The Upper Ohio Valley Building & Construction Trades Council and the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council pledge a BEST approach on all construction projects with the agreement to carry out all responsibilities for efficiency, productivity and professional quality. We will continue to make the Upper Ohio Valley an outstanding market for construction services of highest quality, economy, and dependability.

Project BEST operates as an industry, rather than as individual segments in dealing with construction-related matters. The Project BEST organization provides a forum for the discussion of industry matters with construction users, the design professions, and others involved in the construction process.

Project BEST, a construction industry labor-management voluntary committee, is jointly administered by a Board of Directors consisting of representatives from The Upper Ohio Valley Building and Construction Trades Council and the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council. The Board meets monthly to administer the program, designate projects as BEST jobs and seek means for improving efficiency and productivity in the industry.

Building Efficiency by Striving Together
BEST began as an outgrowth of the Ohio Valley Labor-Management Construction Council, which began in 1971. Today we have over six thousand of the area’s finest craftsmen and over 400 building trades contractors in our organization. We also serve the community with scholarships, partnerships, and apprenticeships programs.

Project BEST Commitment to Community
With our membership’s support, we are able to assist our communities’ churches, Little League teams, Chambers of Commerce, hospitals, Ohio Valley Athletic Conference sports (including football, wrestling, basketball, baseball, and cheerleading), local soup kitchens, the United Way of the Upper Ohio Valley, the United Way of Jefferson County, the American Red Cross, the Humane Society and Catholic Charities to effect positive change.