OVCEC Membership Services

Labor Relations

One of the primary functions of the Association is to negotiate, service, and administer a total of fifteen separate collective bargaining agreements having jurisdiction in West Virginia, Southeastern Ohio, and portions of Western Pennsylvania. The administration and servicing of these collective bargaining agreements include the handling and processing of all grievances and jurisdictional disputes with competent labor relations and legal assistance. The Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council Labor Relations and Arbitration Committee (LRC) maintains a constant liaison with the Building and Construction Trades Council of the Upper Ohio Valley.

Public Relations

It is through the efforts of the Association that the voice of the membership is projected and amplified into all forms of civic and industry-wide activities. Purchasers of construction services and the general public are constantly reminded that OVCEC membership represents the highest degree of skill, capacity and achievement.

Committees and Communications

Through its committees – Executive, Budget and Finance, Labor Relations and Arbitration (LRC), Safety and Education, Legislation, Membership and Program – the Association maintains a constant flow of communication, not only to its members, but also to local, state and national officials regarding every phase and activity of the industry.

Camaraderie and fellowship are enhanced through General Membership Dinner/Meetings, Steak Frys, Golf Outings, Labor/Management functions and other social activities.

On-Line Plan Room

The OVCEC offers an on-line plan room system. This allows contractors to create their own account and download all plan room information online to their own systems, or to order drawings directly from the OVCEC.

Bulletins and Construction Reports

All members receive the Weekly News Bulletin which contains information regarding scheduled construction projects, bid data, architects, bidders and other pertinent information to assist members in the preparation of bids. Local, state and national labor relations, legal construction news items and safety issues are also included in the Association’s Construction Report.

OVCEC Facilities

In the OVCEC offices located at 21 Armory Drive in Wheeling, WV, a large Plan Room is provided where plans and specifications for Tri-State Area projects are available. Plan Room and Meeting Room facilities are also provided in the Steubenville, Ohio area at 626 N. Fourth Street.

Various Conference and Meeting Rooms are available for private sessions and group discussions as well as construction related educational endeavors.

Serving as the Building Center for the Construction Industry in the Ohio Valley Area, the OVCEC facilities provide a common meeting ground for all those engaged in the construction and related industries

Apprenticeship and Trust Fund Programs

The future of our nation depends on the construction industry and the youth it trains today to meet the needs of tomorrow; therefore, the Council, through the efforts of its Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committees (labor and management), sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship promotes the training and employment of apprentices.

High schools and vocational teachers are acquainted with construction occupations available to high school graduates through formal presentations by the Council’s staff.

OVCEC members also serve as Employer Trustees on various individual craft Medical Benefit and Pension Plans.

Construction Advancement Program (CAP)

The principal activities of the Council are supported by contributions made to the Construction Advancement Program (CAP).

The Construction Advancement Program of the Ohio Valley Construction Employers Council, Inc. is created out of a recognition by employers of construction labor of the responsibility of collectively sharing in defraying the cost of conducting, administering, and servicing every phase of Labor/Management relations.


Membership does not cost – it pays – and the richest dividends are often not just monetary returns – they are the knowledge obtained from the groups’ publications, the friendships acquired, and the new horizons opened by the staff and membership participation in internal and external industry relations.

Membership classifications are provided for all firms engaged in construction and related industries. These include General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, Speciality/Associate Members, and Social Members.

Veteran members realize that participation in the workings of the industry organization is a motivating factor, a personal program for individual company growth and endeavor which accords with the formula: